19th European Conference on Fracture

19th European Conference on Fracture | Fracture Mechanics Against Catastrophic Failures

Conference Venue

The conference will be held in one of the oldest cities of Russia, Kazan, at the new international conference hall hotel Korston, which is very convenient and well equipped for conferences in terms of facilities, transportation and proximity to other hotels.


Kazan, the city with a mysterious name and with more than a thousand years history, is situated on the green open spaces of Eurasia in the land of forests, lakes and fields cultivated from the earliest times in the place where the small Kazanka River flows into the largest European Volga River.


Kazan is situated on the left bank of the Volga approximately in its middle, on the intersection of earth‐based and air communications. The Kazanka River and Kaban Lake divide the city into three parts. Kazan is situated 780 kilometers to the east of Moscow. Time zone is UTC/GMT+3, the same as in Moscow.


Kazan is one of the industrial, scientific and cultural centers of the Volga Region. The history of Kazan is associated with many world‐renowned figures, like the father of non‐Euclidian geometry, Nikolai Lobachevsky; the writer, Leo Tolstoy; the discoverer of the Antarctic, Ivan Simonov; the founder of organic chemistry, Alexander Butlerov; a father of modern linguistics, Ivan Baudouin de Courtenay; the discoverer of electron spin resonance, Evgeniy Zavoisky.